MAG Silent Generators

MAG diesel generator

MAG generators are power sources that generate electrical energy required for various uses. Not ignoring the country that travels, it will prevail in the case of travel in the event of falling questions about this part.


Products Properties

  • switch key.
  • 100% copper heart.
  • jazz fuel.
  • Tank capacity 15 liters.
  • 4 gallons give up to 30 hours.
  • It operates 5 air conditioners, a washing machine or a split air conditioner of 18 units, in addition to lamps, fans, and screens, and one horsepower motor.

MAG generators are flexible to operate even in outdoor areas where there are no other power sources.


Uses of generators we offer:

  • The generator is designed to be used in agricultural environments.
  • The generator is designed to be used in industrial environments.
  • The generator is mainly used in mining operations.

The generators feature an anti-vibration device, which effectively reduces vibration .