What We Do

At BK Motors we provide a wide spectrum of services. All services are executed through our experienced team and aimed to make a long-lasting positive impact on our customers and the society as whole.

BK Motors offers the following services


Training Services:

BK Motors sharing knowledge and skills with customers to develop levels of expertise that will enable them to recognize value of our products and provide them with knowledge of using and maintaining the machines to guarantee the best use and performance. This may include

Safety Training

Operation Training

Servicing Training

Product Properties

switch key.

100% copper heart.

jazz fuel.

Tank capacity 15 liters

4 gallons give up to 30 hours


installation service

  • Getting it completely right from the very start.That’s the idea behind our professional installation and commissioning services.
  • When you use these services, you are investing in the long-term trouble-free operation of your equipment.
  • We provide operating engineers with extensive experience in engines and generators.
  • With the support of our design team, we make operation fast and smooth and lay the foundation for high reliability and efficiency.


The main benefits of the installation